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  • People often wonder whether it is cheaper for them to sign up to a pay monthly contract or to stick to a pay as you go phone. The answer is: it depends. There is no simple answer. When considering this question, you should take into account:

    • Your monthly usage
    • If you want the latest smartphone
    • If you need mobile internet

    Generally speaking, the more you use your phone, the more attractive (and cheaper) contract deals become when compared to PAYG. And then there’s that all important handset. Do you want the latest and greatest smartphone or are you happy with a simple phone that makes and receives calls? For simple phones, 99% of the time we would recommend a PAYG option. For smartphones, we generally recommend going for a contract, as these will generally give you the most bang for your buck, allowing you to take full advantage of a smartphones features.

    However, each case should be considered on an individual basis, and our mobile phone comparison website allows you to do exactly this. Simply select a phone that you are comfortable with to begin comparing the latest UK offers.

    These are some of the options you should carefully consider when contemplating contract Vs PAYG.